Arti Chandra, MPH, MD

Arti Chandra, MPH, MD, IFMCP

Concurrent Speaker

Dr. Arti Chandra is a family practice physician who earned her Certification in Functional Medicine as a member of the first class of practitioners to receive this designation from The Institute for Functional Medicine. She is also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and holds a master’s degree in Public Health. Dr. Chandra’s passion for Functional and Integrative Medicine is driven by her long-standing commitment to reduce the burden of disease and suffering and to improve health and vitality at a population health level by identifying root causes of symptoms and disease and restoring health through healing foods and supportive lifestyle measures. She offers functional/integrative medicine consultative care at Vida Integrated Health in Seattle, WA where she also serves as Medical Director. Prior she lead the functional medicine program at Providence/Swedish Medical Center in Seattle for 15 years. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Chandra is active in community-based efforts to improve health. She has served on the Board of Toxic-Free Futures to help reduce toxin burden and health risk. She serves on the Leadership Council of the Personalized and Lifestyle Medicine Institute, is on the Clinical Advisory Team for Big Bold Health, Inc., and is an Advisor for the climate advocacy organization Kiss the Ground. Based on her passion for using Food as Medicine principles as a core component of her clinical care and her teaching, she partners with dieticians, chefs, community educators, and most recently with farmers, to help advance wellness for patients and communities. She also serves as Clinical Advisor for Mechanism Wellness, one of the first digital corporate based wellness platforms that leverages a functional medicine approach to deliver a comprehensive personalized wellness plan to restore health to employees. She offers inspiring and educational presentations and workshops in the above areas for both patient and professional groups.

Dr. Chandra obtained her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago, with a dual focus in Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health and Global Health. She then received her medical degree from Loyola University and held the position of National Chair of the Nutrition and Preventive Medicine Committee for the American Medical Student Association. She completed a residency in Family Medicine at Providence Medical Center in Seattle as an extension of her commitment to work with underserved, diverse populations. She was a founding member and integrative nutrition faculty for the Global Medicine Education Foundation and helped to create a one month living/learning integrative health learning program for 4th year medical students as well as an 18 month combined on-site and distance integrative medicine learning program for health professionals called Transformative Medicine: The Ecology of Healing. She has recently completed Duke University’s Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare to advance her skills in leadership and management. She serves as an educator and facilitator for the Institute for Functional Medicine, the pioneer and global leader in functional medicine education.

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