Conference Topics

Emerging therapeutic approaches continue to provide new windows of clinical opportunity; take a glimpse into some of the research topics that will be discussed.

Trending Topics and Clinical Pearls

The latest research findings offer novel strategies for improving health and resilience across diverse patient populations. Trending topics in medicine include polyvagal theory, exposome-metabolome interactions, and new discoveries in neurodegeneration disorders.

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Barriers to Immune Resilience

Economic, social, and cultural barriers may present additional immune resilience challenges for underserved populations. How can understanding the impact of health disparities potentially improve outcomes for these at-risk communities?
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Pediatric Health & Later Life Outcomes

Rising rates of chronic diseases in children mean that many individuals are spending more of their lifespan coping with sickness. Today, stress, anxiety, and the effects of social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic are presenting other growing risk factors for childhood morbidity.
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Health Equity and Inclusion

In functional medicine, collaboration and trust between a patient and practitioner is key to supporting a patient’s health journey. Awareness of health disparity impacts, healthcare access challenges, and unmet social needs of health help inform personalized treatment strategies for healing.
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