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2019 Poster Session Preview:

Below are a few poster session topics selected for AIC:

The Functional Medicine Model of Care Improves Patient-Reported Outcomes: A Retrospective Study

Author: Michelle Beidelschies PhD

This study from Dr. Beidelschies includes comparing outcomes data from the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. This study uses PROMIS criteria and demonstrates that Functional Medicine has beneficial and sustainable effects on outcomes in patients.

Food Opioids: The Overlooked Addiction

Author: Jama Lambert BA

This poster discusses how certain foods can breakdown into opioid-like compounds and can contribute to withdrawal symptoms as patient’s endeavor to improve their diets. Poster includes a discussion of biomarker tests for these food opioids.

Whole Health & Functional Medicine Coaching for Chronic Pain in Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans with Chronic Multi-symptom Illness

Author: Omowunmi Osinubi

This is a clinical case series with veterans with pain Chronic Multi-symptom Illness (pain-CMI) that includes a 12-week telephone coach program, The focus of the coaching sessions included health education about chronic inflammation and how lifestyle changes can impact the imflammation; subsequent sessions include the veteran’s life goals in order to customize lifestyle interventions.


The format for the poster sessions will be electronic. All posters are submitted via a web-based platform. There will be six touch-screen monitors each capable of displaying whichever poster a given attendee selects. During scheduled times, each poster’s presenter will be expected to be present in the poster session area to discuss their session and answer attendees’ questions.


  • May 20, 2019 – All iPosters must be published.
  • May 29, 2019 – onsite to review your iPosters in the afternoon before the welcome reception.