AIC 2022 | PI Sessions

PI Sessions

Tools and Technologies to Transform Your Practice

The Practice Implementation Sessions provide evidence-based guidance on using innovative tools, practices, and techniques to streamline day-to-day operations in your clinic and advance the health outcomes of your patients. These presentations will teach the clinical, technological, and business skills necessary to grow your practice while still delivering high-quality care. Leverage your learnings from AIC into impactful changes for your practice.

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The Growing Mind | The Upstream Thoughts for Optimal Development

In this session, Dr. Christopher Magryta will discuss the growing brain. With birth as the route to immune tolerance, the growing mind develops and plays a key role for clinicians working with children. While many lifestyle choices also affect brain development, there are nutritional aspects that are needed to support the process. From macro- to micronutrients, Dr. Magryta will set the stage to drive immune insolvency by highlighting the gut-brain connection.

Christopher Magryta

Christopher J. Magryta, MD

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Judicious Use of Genomics in the Clinical Environment

Genomics is exciting, and as we learn more, we must be careful about how it is utilized in the clinical setting. It is essential to understand when using patient DNA to guide treatment is appropriate and, more importantly, when not. When is genetic testing helpful, and when is it not? Taking time to understand the limitations of genetic information when applied to the clinical assessment process is the first step to leveraging the power of genomic data to its fullest extent and delivering personalized and optimized patient outcomes.

Nathan Morris

Nathan Morris, MD, IFMCP


How to Successfully Integrate Health Coaches to Create a Thriving Functional Medicine Practice

Functional Medicine targets the root causes of chronic disease first and foremost by addressing the modifiable lifestyle factors. As behavior change specialists trained to support patients as they implement lifestyle changes, the health coach belongs on every Functional Medicine collaborative care team. When Functional Medicine practitioners integrate health coaches into their clinics, patient outcomes improve, practitioner burnout decreases, and the financial health of the practice improves. This session will show attendees successful models for utilizing health coaches.

Sandra Scheinbaum

Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD, IFMCP