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Presenter Bio

Steve Rondeau ND, BCN(EEG)

Dr. Steven Rondeau, BCN(EEG), completed his four-year medical school training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). After completing his medical school training, he developed the first and only developmental pediatric naturopathic residency in Salt Lake City, Utah, before finally relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr. Rondeau has recently established the first and only of its kind human brain repository and database ( accessible for academic research and capable of sorting countless qEEG markers used to predict and monitor treatment responses to various therapies, brain injury, medications, natural supplements, and currently psychedelic medicines. He has published numerous papers and book chapters on qEEG and its utility in mental health, available at In addition to being president of Axon EEG Solutions and working as part of a collaborative psychiatric team at Wholeness Center, he does research and presentations on the role of qEEG in the understanding of human behavior and performance.