Riva Robinson, MD

When Dr. Riva graduated with her BA in kinesiology from Rice University and was due to matriculate at Baylor College of Medicine, she knew even then that conventional medicine was not for her. But she pressed on, ignoring her gut feelings, until she hit the rocky depths of burnout her second year of residency. Dr. Riva made the unpopular decision to resign, feeling wounded yet empowered to finally explore her true calling. 

When she discovered functional medicine in 2016, a new fire was lit within her, and the concierge practice RIVA Wellness was born. It’s Dr. Riva’s passion not only to help people heal their gut, but also to follow their gut in creating a purposeful, fulfilling life.  

Outside of her practice, Dr. Riva has experienced the joys of writing a best-selling book (More Than Enough: The Healing Journey to Love Yourself, Listen to Your Gut, and Live Your Truth), excelling as a national bodybuilding champion, and inspiring her thriving community on Instagram.