Presenter Bio

Patty Sherman-Campbell MS, OTR/L, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Patty Sherman Campbell is a national board certified occupational therapist. Her lifetime health journey led Patty to functional medicine, and that has resulted in a healthy lifestyle not attainable through traditional medicine.

Patty’s professional background spans 17 years in occupational therapy, with an additional three years lecturing at the university master’s level. Years of program development and clinical and provider experience led Patty to clearly identify that functional medicine is the viable solution to mitigate and eliminate chronic illness.

Passionate about making positive changes to health care, Patty designs models, programs, and processes that make health care a win-win for payers, providers, and patients. Her knowledge develops or reorients a health system toward a wellness-based approach, creating sustainable lifestyle changes for improved health outcomes.

From early on, Patty has created research-based, problem-solving programs that produce lucrative, effective, and utilized outcomes. Committed to innovation, Patty was the first in her field to train in and lead others in using the functional medicine paradigm in occupational therapy.

Pursuing and earning health and wellness coach national board certification and functional medicine certified health coach credentials, Patty founded Functional Healing and Wellness, a start-up providing services to those living with neurodiversity and autoimmune disorders. Her company simultaneously delivers value in the wellness and functional health business space.

In her current role as the director of Alumni Development and Strategic Partnerships at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, she leads the mission of improving the healthcare system by helping providers, healthcare systems, and companies utilize health coaches. She brings innovation to existing and emerging healthcare organizations.

She has found professional fulfillment in working in a rapidly evolving field, pivoting processes, and saving costs, all while providing improved health outcomes for patients.

Patty balances work and family with a variety of outside activities, music, and her new passion: salsa and bachata classes.