Omowunmi Osinubi, MD, MSc, MDA, FRCA, ABIHM, IFMCP, BCN

Dr. Osinubi is the President of Occupational and Environmental Health Associates, and Transformation Health Associates. She is a board certified occupational and environmental medicine physician, certified disability examiner, and provides in-person and telemedicine consultations to Veterans and/or their health care providers on matters relating to complex medically unexplained health conditions and exposures of concern during military service.

She also provides clinical and medical expert consultations for civilians who were deployed to military bases on overseas combat missions and sustained toxic exposures.

Dr. Osinubi is certified in functional medicine and she provides clinical consultations using the functional medicine approach, integrative health modalities and whole health plant-based nutrition and nutraceuticals to support health and healing in those who have chronic health conditions and/or have sustained toxic exposures.

Dr. Osinubi is trained in Dr. Bredesden’s ReCode program for cognitive and brain health, and is motivated in helping clients achieve optimization of their brain health for their lifespan.

She is a Clinical Professor (Adjunct) at the Rutgers University-School of Public Health. She has given and/or collaborated on more than 100 presentations at scientific conferences/public health-related meetings, and she continues to publish in scientific journals. She is recognized as a national subject matter expert in military occupational and environmental exposures and related health effects.