Dr. Kerina

J. Mandume Kerina, MD

“Nothing beats a patient returning to the office after surgery, with that glint in their eye and a wry smile on their lips knowing they will be getting back to doing the things they love.”

Over his 27 years of practice, Dr. J. Mandume Kerina has come to believe that he is entrusted to care for a very special segment of the population in central Florida—seniors over the age of 65 years old. He believes that we must always view what we do from our patients’ point of view, understanding that, to our patients, minutes, hours, and days always make a difference in recovery. The more time we spend understanding the holistic impact of our interventions, the less time our patients will spend recovering from those very interventions. We must constantly strive to do the heavy lifting necessary to learn and develop techniques that alleviate the impact of our interventions on the patients that entrust us with their care. The future of innovation will not solely depend on technology, it will be heavily influenced by strategies and advancements in the delivery of care. Therefore, it is our mission to continuously evolve.

Curious and doggedly persistent by nature, orthopedic joint replacement surgeon Dr. J. Mandume Kerina has an innate appreciation for innovation and process development. This focus translates directly into the processes and procedures he has developed for his patients and is demonstrated by his patient outcomes.

Understanding that we all have a responsibility to curb the costs of health care, Dr. Kerina believes that this can be done best not through limiting access to care but through the better delivery of care. He has been a fierce advocate for outpatient joint replacement surgery since 2006. He performed the first outpatient partial and total knee replacements in central Florida and now performs over 75% of all his knee replacements as outpatient procedures, with the patients recovering in the safety of their own homes.

After witnessing firsthand the impact that opioids and narcotics had on the mental acuity of his Medicare-aged patients when combined with anesthesia, Dr. Kerina and his partner Dr. Thomas McCoy developed an opioid/narcotic-free anesthesia and recovery program for total hip replacements. This subsequently led to the first outpatient opioid/narcotic-free total hip replacements in the entire country.

As a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, he is honored to serve as a lecturer, proctor, and teacher to surgeons both nationally and internationally on both minimally invasive hip and knee surgery as well as outpatient joint replacement surgery. Dr. Kerina has developed many instruments, implants, and surgical techniques that have improved patient outcomes and will continue to do so for years to come.