Presenter Bio

Carrie Carlson DO, FAAFP, IFMCP, ABOIM

Dr. Carrie Carlson is a WRIISC clinician for virtual CMI Veteran medical evaluations. She is also involved with the WRIISC virtual comprehensive health coaching program. Her interests include gut-brain health, nutrition, the impact of trauma on chronic disease, and PTSD. Before her transfer to the NJ WRIISC Team in 2021, Dr. Carlson worked for the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, VA Healthcare System, where she was the Whole Health Clinical Director. In that capacity, Dr. Carlson was the lead clinician for the Whole Health Wellness/Integrative Health Clinic and involved with expanding Whole Health at her local facility. Over the years, she has had numerous duties within the VA, including primary care provider (PACT physician), chronic pain clinic physician, and employee occupational health director. Prior to joining the VA in 2011, she worked as a family physician at a local multispecialty clinic.

Dr. Carlson has been board certified as a family medicine physician since 2001, was certified with IFM in functional medicine in 2016, completed the two-year integrative medicine fellowship program with AIHM, and obtained ABOIM board certification in 2022. In her spare time, she enjoys trail running and biking.