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“Whether it is physical pain or emotional pain that leads you maybe to look for relief, you end up with stress and pain and it can transition into becoming an addiction.” –Paul Thomas, MD


“ Looking for non-pharmacological approaches to pain, learning how to implement those rapidly and effectively in one’s practice is really the underlying solution to the opioid problem.” –Wayne Jonas, MD

Pediatric Pain, Stress, and Addiction

Pediatric Pain, Stress, and Addiction

Elizabeth Mumper, MD, FAAP, is a pediatrician and steering committee member for IFM’s 2019 Annual Conference exploring stress, pain, and addiction. She describes the importance of this theme for the younger population of patients. Watch Video

The “Biopsychosocial Slot Machine” of Addiction

The Biopsychosocial Slot Machine of Addiction

Stephen Loyd’s personal journey with addiction informs his work with substance abuse patients. Listen to a sneak preview of his lecture at this year’s Annual International Conference. Listen Now